Executive Summary

MDCCIA, was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting and developing commercial and industrial enterprises in the Matale District with its original name as “Matale District Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.

However it was later realised that agriculture enterprises too should also be accommodated as agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of Matale District. Therefore, a special resolution was passed in the year 2005 and the name wasas “MATALE DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE”. The Chamber was registered with the Registrar of Companies under Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 and the management comprised 20 Directors. The Chamber had its ups and downs in the past and the new Council of Management took over the management of the Chamber at the 9th Annual General Meeting held in December 2017. At the time the new management took over, it was found that the chamber’s membership with the FCCISL too was inactive due to non payment of membership fees in addition to non payment of EPF, ETF, income tax and some other dues. Further the registration with the Registrar of Companies was also not updated with the new names of directors.

Therefore, the new Council of Management was compelled to follow a new strategy to re-establish the chamber and put it on the correct path. It took nearly 19 months to fulfill all the legal and statutory requirements and also basic works were done to go forward. The 10thAnnual  General Meeting was held on 28th July 2019 with participation of nearly one hundred active members and the  Senior Vice President of FCCISL.

This BUSINESS PLAN is being done with this background and by the end of 2020 the MDCCIA will become one of the leading Chambers in the island.

Chairman's Message

Message from Hony. President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of MDCCIA, we thank all the members, government officials, donors, sponsors and advertisers for supporting our organization to march forward in the year 2018-2023, We, the Matale District Chamber of Commerce, Industry and agriculture, Ares happy with the progress we have made during this period.

From a local perspective and regional context, Matale DCCIA played a vital role in contributing towards awareness seminars such as New Tax Systems, Labor Laws, ETF and EPF through government institutions. We as a team, took up the challenges by organizing a fund raiser cum Life Membership Programme to overcome MDCCIA past dues and built a capital for future programs.

Im very much pleased to congratulate the five entrepreneurs from Matale district who received the Regional and national Awards from FCCISL for the year 2018 at the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year-2018 Award Ceremony at the BMICH, which is a record and an achievement for the Matale Business Community.

We thank, the EU-Sri Lanka Development Corporation, for selecting MDCCIA to coordinate the Integrated Economic Development Project from 2019 onwards, as a model of non-profit organization our Members and the Board believe that vibrant and local business economy builds strong community overall.

We are looking forward for a flourishing business environment Thank you all for your support.

Mr. A. A. D. N. Amarasinghe

Hony President

Our Goals

To examine and provide solution to any problem referred to it by the provincial council, any local government authority, the Government of Sri Lanka and by the commercial enterprises, industrialists, traders and manufacturers, or by any other association of traders or any local chamber of commerce and industries.

To undertake by arbitration or otherwise the settlement of disputes of traders, industrialists and commercial enterprises, in relation to their commercial transactions.

To promote the achievement of socially desirable business conduct, practices and ethical, standards of the members of Association and of others in business within the district.

To promote and strengthen association, goodwill, friendship, cordial relationship among the members of the Association and others in business.

To promote the achievement of socially desirable business conduct, practices and ethical, standards of the members of Association and of others in business within the district.

To establish an Enterprise Development Centre to provide advisory and consultancy services for both members and other entrepreneurs./ To provide vocational training in various technical, commercial, industrial fields to needy persons.

To promote friendly relationship and unanimity of purpose among members and help to co –ordinate amongst them and their counterparts within the District and outside such areas.