Who we are

MDCCIA, was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting and developing commercial and industrial enterprises in the Matale District

We started as “Matale District Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, However it was later realized that agriculture enterprises too should also be accommodated as agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of Matale District. Therefore, a special resolution was passed in the year 2005 and the name was changed as “MATALE DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE”

Our Vision

“To become the Apex Body of the entrepreneurs of the Matale District” 

Our Misssion

Create a united voice to safeguard the rights of the members, support their economic development, provide a high standard of service to face the competition and make their businesses  a success thus contributing to the national economy.

Our Goal

Provide value added programs to the members of MDCCIA to expand and develop their businesses.

We are associated with

Rationale for the Strategic Business Plan

The function of a regional business chamber is to materialise its objectives by networking with community and business leaders , elected officials, industry segments, decision makers and government regulator institutions. MDCCIA was registered as an association in 2001 with the intension of achieving mainly the following objectives, according to the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

To promote, advance, develop, safeguard, assist, protect the agriculture, fishery, trade, manufacture, commerce, industries in the District of Matale and in Sri Lanka, and to undertake all measures to ensure and protect them in the national interest.

To consider any matter or question related to such agriculture, fishery, commerce, trade industries and provide solutions for them.

To promote all activity that contributes to a favourable climate for enterprise development and industrial development within the District.

To advice and / or make representation, to the provincial Council, the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and other authorities to positively influence decision making affecting the interest of small and medium enterprises and industries within the District and in Sri Lanka.

To advice and/or male representation to the Provincial Council and to the Government of Sri Lanka with a view to promoting proper legislation affecting trade, commerce, manufacture, and industries and to take all measures directed for the attainment of the said purpose.

To undertake by arbitration or otherwise the settlement of disputes of traders, industrialists and commercial enterprises, in relation to their commercial transactions.